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LEED Language Centre is set up for educational opportunities that caters specifically for English language based on the United Kingdom’s curriculum. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between educators and learners, as well as among learners themselves. Through our Intensive English Programme (IEP) courses, networking events and resources, we support learners to develop their English language skills.

Learners will be presented with a variety of stimuli that will construct their skills in reading and writing. They will learn to select relevant details, understand the difference between what is directly stated and implied, and practice writing for different purposes and audiences. Learners will listen to a range of spoken material, including talks and conversations, in order to develop listening skills. Learners will engage in conversations on a variety of topics, and develop their sills in responding to different situations and audiences with a degree of accuracy and clarity.

Our IEP will enable learners to become independent users of English, and to be able to use English to communicate effectively in a variety of practical contexts.

The courses comprise three modes: reading, writing and speaking and listening.
* Learners will be awarded with certificate
Courses maybe taken at 5 levels:
Entry Levels 1, 2 and 3 are basic level courses and Level 1 and 2 courses are equivalent to GCSEs.

Our Intensive English training provides 2 types of courses, namely Literacy and English for speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Learners may choose to enroll into the type of course offered according to their preferences and suitability, after diagnostic assessment for placement and consultation with us.

CEFR Level 01