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LEED Language Centre is an educational centre officially registered with the Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) and established in 2012. We specializes in teaching the English Languange and is enthusiastic to not only offer high quality English Language education, but also promote and inspire the joy of learning English in Students.

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Provide excellence in English Language training through uncompromising adherence to quality, unparalleled customer service and exciting extracurricular entertainment.  Our Aim is to enrich the lives of the students learning English in our unique social environment by fostering an appreciation for cultural diversity.


Leed Language Centre is to provide the highest-quality language training and related services to our students and clients at the best value and with excellent customer service.

Why Choose Leed Language


√      Available from beginner to advanced level.
√    English exam papers would be aligned according to standards of CEFR – which is standardized and used internationally to determine English proficiency levels.
√ Develop literacy knowledge and practical communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

√ Greater awareness of the nature of language and language-learning skills.
√  Promote learners’ personal development and wider international perspective.
√   Form a solid foundation for the skills required for further study or employment using English as the medium. 

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